Terms and Conditions

  • By placing an order with Rikki you understand that you are 18 years or older, or have an approval from a guardian. 

  • All personal information is confidential. 

  • Prices are set to change and are applicable at the time appointment is made.

  • Rikki has right to deny an appointments due to overbooking or requests are in nature that she does not look into.

  • No readings will be done for pregnancy's, health, or law affairs. These should be left to professionals. 

This page consists of the terms and conditions for obtaining readings or products from Willow's Sapphire and should be looked over before purchasing. 

Legal Disclaimer 

Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be in replacement of seeking professional help if need. Energy is consistently changing and depending on how you take the information presented, the outcome could change. This also means that the future is never 100% guaranteed.