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But the limits don't stop there 


My name is Rikki and I am a medium, I also use Tarot to help clarify the messages I receive for you. My cards are passed down to me, and well over 40 years old so there's lots of good energy in them. I have been doing readings for the public since 2017 and have travelled all over Michigan and Ohio for events. I have also done public circles where I receive messages for select people and have done so for a group of over 40. I can connect with past loved ones, however I utilize this gift to help give you direction in healing past trauma as well as helping give you the tools to move forward to become your best self. 


"Absolutely amazing. I had my first reading last week. And this is the first time I've ever done this. And the experience was absolutely amazing.."

Lori Wygnoik

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