"The readings are amazing! I highly recommend getting one for yourself!"
-Penni Foor 

"Excellent reading, this woman is amazing. She answered my questions and spoke right to my heart like she's known me my whole life. If anyone is looking for a reading I highly recommend her to anybody! Thank you so much for doing that for me!"
-Courtney Hartman 

"I recently had a reading with Rikki about a problem that has been bothering my for a few years, she answered my question and made me see it in a whole different way, even had a hunch that the person I said it was about wasn't really the person. I suggest her to anyone and can't wait for my next reading, definitely will be getting more, thank you Rikki."
-Rhonda Reed

"I recently had a career reading and was encouraged by Rikki's thoughtful interpretation, also I follow her daily card readings and newsletters and find them to be very accurate and true to my circumstances, I find myself saying how did she know?! Also, a couple days ago I ordered a product from Willow's Sapphire and received it 2 days later, amazing and probably would have been one day, but I ordered Saturday Night, She's top shelf!!
-Jody Kotcher

"Excellent reading. I have been struggling with a few things, and I'm pretty sure this reading just helped me make my decision."
-Loretta Allee

"Great reading! I feel it was right on point with what was going on in my career! Thanks Rikki!"
-Beverly Haines

"I was blessed with the opportunity to sit in a spirit circle with this very real reader. I went to the Gypsy Goddess Festival this weekend on a mission to hear a message from my best friend. A person I lost many many years ago. For a minute I sat there heart racing mad thinking I wasted my money, listening to everyone else get messages. I was contemplating on getting up and leaving. Maybe because I was jealous that the one thing I wanted so badly just wasn't going to happen for me but was happening for everyone else?? Just then this wonderful lady interrupted another message going on to say, "I'm getting a blonde women maybe 23-24 and she was in a bad car accident and left behind a girl...maybe 4? I knew right then when I couldn't control my emotions that it was her. It was Kari. She then said, "she just wants to say Thank you." I just cried. I never felt so complete. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From my whole heart. Thank you. I have been waiting for her for over a decade."
-Nalena Spencer

"I recently had a reading done and she was completely spot on with everything I have been feeling. wanting. struggling with and striving for. very validating and comforting"
-Caitlin Williams

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