Full Circle

Y'all We're coming full circle this week. It's like we can finally take a breathe of fresh air and we are starting to see benefits to the work we have been putting in. Last week felt like a bunch of misunderstandings and moving around that caused conflict, this week feels like we are finally going to BE understood.

Communication is working and hearts are being mended. I don't know about you, but sometimes when a lot is happening around me I tend to get flustered about everything in life, this is a good week for sitting still and grounding ourselves. You would think I would follow my own advice, but I myself, need help in this department. 

This week would be good for department switches or raises of any kind, keep budgeting and pay attention to the money you are spending. Relationships become secure this week as well, whatever issues have been happening between you and a partner or friends, will come to a mutual understanding and both parties move on.

This week is also good for signing contracts and creating business plans, everything starts to come together this week, so enjoy it because it is exciting!