Can we say "Letting go of toxic traits" because that's how I'm feeling this week. Even if it is not you that has the toxic behavior, it will be those of us removing ourselves from the toxic people. You are only one person and sometimes carrying everyone else's crap for a while gets old and it will eventually get to the point where you snap and it's not always fun to do that.

This week is going to focus a lot on communication as well. If you feel there is someone or something taking your energy, you need to say so. There is someone that is being greedy here and that leads to more conflict and this is why opening up about feelings in this situation needs to happen.

Once you speak your mind on something, it's like a ball on a chain is taken off and you feel like you can express yourself freely, you just have to get past that first confrontation. This could be work related as well, if you have a colleague getting on your nerves, let them know "Nicely" what and why you are bothered, this way you don't dread coming into the office.

If your partner is doing something that is on the back of your mind a lot, you need to find yourself having the conversation before you blow up on them and they didn't even see it coming. This happens to the best of us what can I say.

Overall, speak what is on your mind because the conflict you are creating in your head might just be way less so when it is actually happening.