Feed Your Soul

Well, I hate to start off this way, but here it is. This week we might disappoint some people, we may have made too many obligations and weren't paying attention when it came to making plans. There is a lack of confidence when it comes to disappointment as well. It's like we don't want to hurt the other persons feelings so we just tip toe around them. This comes with having unresolved issues at work as well, things may be changing in the work environment that are beyond your control and it can be uneasy to see what the next move is when you are not the one with the information.

Swords tell me that communication on a bigger level needs to happen or you will end up regretting not putting it out there. This also comes with quick and unexpected work loads, or lack of, so be sure to speak up when someone asks you questions. 

At the end of the day it is hard to sit here and put out our wants to the universe without putting any action into anything we want. We can't lay in our beds starring at the ceiling day dreaming (Although this is my favorite activity). It's good to start looking, search schools if you want to go back to school, search jobs in the area of your dream field. A slow start is better than no start at all, and remember everything is a trial so don't get disappointed if it takes you a few tries to find the thing that feeds your soul.