Utilize Your Tools

Well, here we are with a very delayed newsletter. I hope everyone's holiday and New Year's was safe and happy and I look forward to getting back into the groove. Just like how I tell my clients to take breaks, I finally decided to take some of my own advice and step back myself this holiday, and as much as I know some of you missed these letters, I appreciate your support in me taking a little break!

Now, lets get to what the reminders are for this week. Keep things simple... That's it... See you next week!

No, but seriously, keep things to a bare minimum, I see houses as well, so if some of you are preparing a remodel or move remember that even though you may have a lengthily list of everything you want done, know that you may have to give a little if you want things done by a certain time. This doesn't mean you can't add these details later, but waiting too long will leave you in an even worse predicament. 

The magician is always a good card because it represents new beginnings in its number 1 and reminds us that we have the tools that we need to be successful, not everything as to be thought out in so much detail that we loose sight of the original image.

This could fit in your relationships as well. If you are overthinking your connection to someone, even if it doesn't last, try not to analyse it to the point where you are forgetting the lesson. Or, over analyse to the point where you push this person away because they feel like they are not being trusted enough Eventually neither of you will want to waste your time anymore.

I also feel like most of us will come to this realization, like "Why am I so worried about this?" When it is out of our control. When chaos is happening around you, stay still and collected. This will go noticed and will only help you move forward against the rest.