It's Gonna Get Ugly

I'm feeling all over for this week, there is a lot going on where I'm like, hmmmm some of us are not learning the lesson here. On the other hand I have people who are like "You know what? I'm better than this." I feel like depending on how you have handled situations the past few weeks, it could go either way.

For those of us having a hard time letting go, well the Universe might just make the decision for us. There is grief this week  as well as loss. This will be hard to understand for some of us, but there is eventually this energy of "It's totally okay the walls are burning down, it's cool." This comes with us being stuck in the same cycles of thinking, which we talked about last week.

Until you push yourself to go for the things that you think are out of your reach, you will constantly feel like you are failing. Don't sit back and go, "Man I wish I had done that." whether it be in your career or asking someone to be apart of your life, you need to take care of it.

I hear job loss for some of us as well, I feel this was a long time coming though, where most of you really wanted to get out of where you were, but were having a hard time making the plunge. Well, you may not understand it at first when it happens, but this was your push, learn from the lesson that is being thrown at you and don't repeat the cycle. 

For some, it's someone else's loss that turns into your gain, and not in a good way. You may have to pick up the slack where others are leaving behind, either in your job, but I feel like this will have to do with family. Remember that we don't always have control over others and the situations that happen to us, but we have control over our way of thinking. Just because you don't understand why things are happening, doesn't mean that it's for no reason, and try to see it that way.