Could There Be Something More?

Movement, That is all I can say here, get ready because it feels like a burst of energy comes out of  no where and  all of a sudden you are doing things that need to get done. The end of this week marks the new moon, which for most of us means burst of creativity and a willing to change things up a bit. If you're thinking about doing this, than it might be the time.

It's time to stop sitting still, if you have a lot going on right now, pick one and move forward with it. This may leave people disappointed because they were counting on you, but you have to eventually do things for yourself. It may be time for movement, but do it with a strategy, don't just go cancelling everything in a panic and regret some of the decisions made. Listen to your heart and find where you want to focus on the most and then move.

Let go of feeling like you are stuck because you may not know all the details in everything you are trying to do. whether this is with a job and you are nervous to ask for it because you feel under qualified, they might just be willing to hire you anyways. If you are scared to say something to someone because you don't know how they will react, think about it for a moment and then just rip off the band-aid. 

When we sit still in fear because we are comfortable, there will never be any progress and growth made, this is how some of us end up in the same cycle over and over and don't know why. We have to be willing to change our own habits to see real changes in our daily life. If you are constantly disappointed in your job or with the people you surround yourself with, evaluate that, don't stick around just because you feel invested to finish something. We all cross paths for a reason, and sometimes that lesson is short so we can move on to the next.