Take A Minute for Yourself

I see so many people forgetting to do something for themselves once in a while. Yes, there are those that feel no guilt for their spa day or taking time to binge watch the latest show, but there are those struggling in this department. When we think of spending time on ourselves, it makes it feel like we have to make a whole day out of it, something as small as shaving or slapping some lotion on seem like such a task. 

Taking time out for yourself doesn't have to be made scheduled into your agenda. Things as simply as taking two minutes out of your day to take some deep breathes works wonders. We live in a time where we have to constantly be moving or feel pressure to be busy and doing things, especially those with kids.

We are faced with the reality of social media and have a hard time not comparing our lives. So, in a world that is revolved around chaos, take a minute to be the only thing that is still. below are a few things you can do to implement self care into your routine.

1. Shower light- I always tell people to utilize "White light" in their shower by visualizing the water as light going down your body and all the "gunky energy" going down the drain, making the process even more cleansing and healing. Something so simple can put your mind at ease and is a great way to get the day started.

2. Post-it- If you are having trouble sleeping try to jot as much on your brain before you go to sleep, if you don't journal write it on a post-it pad. This way your mind feels that what lists you may have are safe and you have managed to file SOME of what you have going on in your mind so that you have an easier time going to sleep.

3. Move- Find time to move, dance, workout, yoga, or something as simple as stretching in bed while monitoring your breathing. I always tell people that taking action after a period of being still is like fluffing a pillow. If you want to help your own energy, fluff it up by moving.

Find ways to think about yourself and know that it's not selfish to do so. If you have nothing left to give and you let yourself get to E there will be more problems, so don't stretch yourself thin. These tasks don't have to seem as daunting as we tend to make them and we need to try to stop making excuses for why we can't do it.