Listen to the Divine

This week not only holds the cards, but we have a full moon in Gemini as well on December 12th. I'm feeling lots of emotion for this week in good as well as bad, having to set new intentions for ourselves and connecting on a deeper level. With emotions running high, it can be easy to lose track of what we need to be doing and how we need to handle our surroundings.

Don't stretch yourself thin, somethings need to end and come to a full circle in order for you to start really discovering yourself. This means not taking on too many tasks, ending relationships (that don't always have to be romantic), and  creating a new routine for yourself.

The struggle of wanting to let go though is real, so don't let that be the reason you aren't allowing yourself something bigger. Change is difficult and when we picture something for ourselves sometimes the divine has other plans that throw us off. Instead of working with it some of us ignore the signals and stick to what we really wanted to proceed with. 

Not only is this a rough response to the divine, but it also sets yourself up for failure in the future. Take time to dig deeper with in yourself, set time for prayer and meditation, and listen to the messages that are presenting themselves.