Words Hurt

It's amazing how even small words can make an impact on how your day will start off. Wake up every day this week analyzing the first thoughts inside your head, are they productive, are you making lists, how hard are you on yourself when you first wake up.  That's right, it doesn't always take someone else saying it, it can also be how you talk to yourself. We are the dictators of our own minds, and we need to be careful with all of this control that we have. 

Some of us have been in a funk lately and it can be hard not to get sucked into the black hole our minds create, work on creating better self discipline to get things done. We have to work on not procrastinating on getting things done because we would like to sit and binge watch true crime, as ideal as that sounds we need to be better on ourselves. 

Pulling these cards out I looked at it as people that we surround ourselves with, are they negative, do they try to build you up? In reality I feel like this message needs to start deep down with in ourselves. Are you building yourself up?

It can be hard especially when we are our own worst critics, but I challenge you this week to write something before bed that you admire about yourself.  Also try to write something that you would like to release, you can burn or bury that one for extra affect.

Let this be the week that we stop listening to outside voices and start lifting ourselves up.