Letting Go

Photo by Bianca from Pexels

One of the common themes that I see in my readings and helping others with their journey, is how do we let go of things that just don't serve us? Or how do we forgive ourselves for not making the progress we thought we would?

 When we know something is ending like a job, relationship, etc. It's like we pull on an imaginary string, the only string still attached. its knotted, shredding, and holing on by the last thread, but it's there. We're scared to let go, to go into the unknown, when really there is so much positive that comes from these actions that we just can't see at the time.

How do we allow ourselves to let it go so that we can move freely? Change is scary and never easy especially when it comes to the relationships that we carry, there are those few that will be apart of your life forever, and there are those that come in only for a short time, providing a lesson needed. We may not always understand the relationship and why we needed it, but I'm a firm believer in that there are no mistakes in the connections we make... yes, even the toxic ones.

Think about it, if everything was just peachy all the time, how would our powerful little souls grow to their full potential? I could give you advice like meditate and journal and all that good stuff, or I could tell you this... It's okay to want different things, it's okay that you are growing in a different direction, even when sometimes we just don't know what road to take, and it's okay to be angry. What is not okay though is holding onto the anger and forcing yourself to stay in the same place because it's comfortable.

Its also okay to love and forgive yourself. We put too much pressure on ourselves at times and this causes us to overthink the actions needed to happen, and sometimes that toxic relationship that we are in, is with ourselves. Have these talks with yourself (maybe not at the supermarket) but talk to yourself and give yourself more credit, you're trying and no one said this would be easy.

Take the next 3 days to wake up and write (even just on a post-it) Three things that you are proud of yourself for. Comment them if you like!