Embrace the Chaos

When things just don't work out the way that we hoped or even planned that they would, it can be easy to be surprised by our own reactions. Someone doesn't call back after your date.... we text or call them because our feelings are hurt. When we get stressed out about work, sometimes we come home and take it out on our families. This stuff is normal, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize it when it is happening and pull back.

Mercury retrograde starts this week, and despite all the hate it gets, I challenge you to embrace it.... You heard that right. Because this week is going to bring you doubts, it can be easy to try and work quickly to salvage what you are losing, but in reality you know it's time to let go.

When it comes to love, you may find that you have been swept off your feet, to only find that it wasn't what you had pictured it. When it comes to finances, be careful when you are investing, do your research before you end up spending more than you have if something falls through.

This week will bring life lessons that are important for your growth, or at least the start of them, instead of fighting the whole time because you feel that you wanted it to go a certain way, flow with it. You may find that the outcome you didn't expect was actually the best route to take.