Clean out Your Closet

Hey! Remember me? I decided to take a little break from social media and business to clear my head. I am starting to evaluate where I am putting my energy lately and well... that means cutting some stuff out.

Which so happens to be the theme for this week *Snip snip*. With Mercury Retrograde coming next week this will be the week to clean out your closet. You know how they say that if your house is cluttered it can trigger your anxiety? Well, I believe there is truth in that, especially when it comes to your social life.

Words hurt and actions can do double damage, stop holding on to old habits and old relationships because how are you able to move forward in your own growth? Keep your circle small and donate the items that don't serve a purpose for your higher being. 

Get a jump on it this week because retrograde will make it happen weather you like it or not, you might want to go gracefully. Have a good ugly cry, dust yourself off, proceed with ass kicking. Think before speak because hurt feelings tend to blur our judgement, and remember.... it's quality over quantity.