Relax You've Got This

With emotions running around and feeling flustered in the beginning of the week, take time to take a deep breathe. Not everything has to go according to plan (insert song from Corpse Bride) and when we feel like we are losing control we tend to go off the deep end.

Some of us are going through financial setbacks and feelings of loneliness, but I feel this week is going to be the week that we try to look at our situations differently. The swords in this reading tell me that a lot of our stress comes from our own way of thinking and not the actual events around us.

If you're feeling the setbacks, well it's going to be from your own choices that you make for yourself, don't be the reason you can't grow and expand. Don't block out the blessings coming to you because you don't feel like you deserve it or fear the change that it is going to bring you.

Sometimes when we get too comfortable (even in bad situations) the Universe forces change on us to help us grow, the Universe knows that we need to get more out of this life and just when you decide to settle... BOOM on to the next change at hand.

Don't settle, and stop blaming the people around you for where you are at in your life, (or give credit to) life is what you make of it.