Make it Rain

"Make it Rain" was literally the only way to describe this week coming up. Now I know this sometimes talks about money terms, but I also feel this works in terms of relationships and self love. Knowing that we see a future for ourselves and we find a way to make it work, digging deeper with in ourselves and telling ourselves that we are worthy of the success. Uranus is in retrograde and with Jupiter going direct, you best believe we are seeing the action if you haven't been already. 

Enough Dilly Dally, get to work and start making things happen for yourself, if you tell yourself you can't have it, well you wont. I do of course though have a warning, if something seems too good to be true, well it probably is. Just make sure that you are thinking for yourself and not letting those around you dictate your emotions, if something comes up for work, think about it before you say yes. 

It's amazing how you can wish and wish for something, for it to finally come your way and feel upset that you are not as excited as you wanted to be. Read these emotions and don't just get into something because a few weeks ago you wanted to make it happen, I know this sounds weird, but when you have it and you don't feel good about it... pay attention to that.

Enjoy the new job or relationship while you have it, but know it probably isn't going to be a forever thing, just enough to get you into the direction you need to be going.

Baby steps grasshopper

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"You can't control the situation, but you have full control of your reactions."