Get Uncomfortable

Well the title speaks for itself, prepare to get pushed to your limit this week with this last week in Jupiter retrograde. Take every event happening to you this week as a learning curve, Uranus goes retrograde on the 10th and this is the time to dig into what your soul purpose is. If you don't know, well get ready because the universe is going to push you into that direction even if you're not ready yet.

This is going to be a good time to end relationships that just aren't going to go anywhere, now again this doesn't have to be romantic, it can be a friend, or even a family member. Its important to not try to mold yourself into others expectations, you will never find happiness in doing so. Live life the way that feed your soul, even if that means you lose people along the way.

It's good to take time to yourself and reflect, but too much stillness is never good, so find a happy medium. You can only cut yourself out from the world for so long that you finally feel isolated, or feeling like a sense of not belonging or fitting in. 

Don't dwell on the fact that others may not see you the way you hoped and don't feel the need to conform yourself differently to please them. Focus on what kind of person you really want to be and nothing else, work towards that this week. Although it can be hard changing and losing people, this shedding period only brings so much more goodness ahead.

"When you don't rely on anyone to make you happy, it's a whole different freedom."-Unknown

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