You Can't Please Everyone

This week is full of emotions, letting it all out. It can be hard to tell people no when the work load is too much because we are scared of confrontation, but this does need to be dealt with or it will be addressed the wrong way and you will certainly have the conflict that you were trying to avoid.

This communication needs to happen not just between you and one person, but this is a group effort. You, your partner, and their family. You, your coworker, and your department. There is miscommunication happening somewhere and if not addressed the anxiety gets worse.

You can't be scared of confrontation, as of right now, there are 7.53 BILLION people.... yes billion, on this planet and you have to be kidding yourself if all 7.53 billion people are going to like you. You cannot please everyone, but it is important that you are communicating your thoughts effectively. 

Sure, if you start screaming at Susan in the file department she's going to get a little upset, don't let yourself get to this point. If you are not addressing the emotions right away, storing them for dessert will only lead to trouble. It can be easy to over flow with emotions after holding them in for so long, so take the time to reflect before you act. 

Take a bath, read a self help book, take a day off, what ever you need to do to get yourself back to your center.