Get it Together

Get it together.

For some reason, this is the first phrase that popped up for me and I was like... "Hmmmm okay hear you loud and clear." I especially have been in a funk the last couple of weeks and it is definitely time that I get my stuff together. June is a busy month for me with lots of first time events, this weekend being the first one of the month, so lets clear our heads shall we?

That's the thing, we can't get caught up in the "what if's" or the "well that could have gone better." Notice how you are feeling about a certain event in your life and instead of dwelling on it, take it as a lesson on how you can improve for next time.

I'm also hearing "projects failing" and with the New Moon coming tomorrow, take this as a "Challenge accepted" opportunity. It is also easy to get into the mood of putting the blame for your failure onto other people, but in reality you need to own up to your own actions. Not everything that goes wrong in your life has to do with someone else. You are capable of taking the blame on this one, and once you do, you will be able to heal and move forward with your next project. 

So, kick it into high gear this week and realize that you have full control of your life and your actions. Do some cleansing and writing in your journal this week as well, to really reflect of the last few weeks events.