Don't Feel Bad

It is up to you to get things done, there is no sitting around and have things magically happen the way you would like them to. It would also be a good time this week to have some much needed alone time..... with yourself. 

It can be easy to get into the idea of working with someone else, or to start a project with someone, but really some projects are just meant for you, and you alone. Don't feel bad for not including a certain someone in every task and project you would like to be apart of. 

Besides doing this too much creates conflict sometimes after being around someone for so long, especially when it comes to business related items and finances.

Just be honest, it will only hurt their feelings more if you try to make things up or beat around the bush. Just explain how you feel and that once in a while you would just like a solo trip. Everyone has a different journey to take and this is how we learn.