Do it For You

I caught a nice day in Michigan finally can you tell by the background! I'm finally able to take pictures and do things outside for once..... hmmmm outside. Get outside your comfort zone this week, it can be something as small as changing up your morning routine and how you get ready for the day. Brush your teeth with your left hand instead of your right and vise versa. 

Push yourself to dig deeper and to question things around you as well as how you react to them. Not everyone is your friend, not everyone needs to be a partner, not every person you walk by is another love interest. I know this may come off rude sometimes..... but it's true. Find a way being okay with yourself.

Sometimes when you get caught up in the energy of others it can make us reflect on our own actions and goals in the wrong way. Never do anything JUST BECAUSE it makes SOMEONE ELSE happy, how does it make you feel as well, if you're a little off edge, just express it. If you want to start a new business that no one else really gets, but you know in your heart it's what you need to be doing in your life.... well, then go for that weirdness. 

It's perfectly normal to weigh out the pros and cons in anything in life as well as guidance from others, but don't let this make your final decision. Ask yourself why or why not is it important to you and how you should move forward. 

This goes for relationships as well, when there is no self love, how can that person be there for you or you for them? Take time this week to move... but to also stop and think about why you are moving in the directions that you are choosing.