A Lesson Learned

I'm not gonna lie.... this week is looking a little rough around the edges. The biggest thing that is being pointed out to me is "take it as a lesson". There is an ending this week that most of us probably didn't see coming. With the tower in play this ending is coming quickly, I feel like it is partnership, this can be relationship, but I feel it is work related as well.

Promises were made that are now not going to be fulfilled do to lack of the partners effort or yous. Don't let fear block your blessings, but don't be blindsided by false truths either. You have to know when to stand up for yourself and what you see for your life, and if that means losing people you thought would be on board..... well it's not their future, it's yours.

Although there are lessons to be learned here, the tower also reminds us to take the ashes of our mistakes and add new life to them. Just because something ends does not mean that it IS the end. Learn from it, grow, and kick ass.