Do it Right the First Time


This is the first word that came to mind when pulling cards for this week. Easier said than done right? Sometimes when we get so passionate about something, we go for it in full effect, but when it is not going how we visioned it, it can be disheartening. 

Don't let go of the passion, just know that the timing just isn't right or that you may have to look into others ways of approaching it and educating yourself more on the topic. Space out your energy as well, don't put in 100% of it in right away with out knowing really what direction you are throwing it, this is the quickest way to burn yourself out and have a million half finished tasks and projects. Think about it first. 

When we have a passion for something and we want it so bad, it's easy to forget our own values and the vision becomes blurred because we "don't care how we get there we just want it now". The Hermit is the one really that stands out the most for me, mostly because it's such a good reminder to stick to your values, don't sell out just for the sake of getting it done. 

"Do it right the first time."