Make Room for Your Blessings

Sometimes we hold on to things because of the fear of cutting off our commitment to something, or fear of hurting someone else's feelings. A lot of my readings lately have been reminding people to remember that at some point you have to think of yourself. No, this is not selfish, it is selfish to ignore yourself. 

The others involved in your decision to walk away might not understand, but know that 'it's all for good reasons and that there is peace on the other side. If you're not happy in your current situation whether it be in a relationship or career, housing, or anything, you know that the time has come where walking away is best, you have already invested enough time and energy in the subject, now it is your time!

Once you realize that your time is valuable, you will start to feel a weight lifted and almost like there is room for new to come into your life now that you are not cluttered. You have to make room for your blessings!