Protect Yourself

Well, how do I start this newsletter today... Ahh, Mercury retrograde, for some it is just another stamp in time, but for others it means total chaos. Mercury is in retrograde starting now (March 5th technically) and ends March 28th, what does this mean? Saddle up!

This time period can be very draining for many, it brings up confrontation, mixed emotions, and emotions we may have thought we had buried and set on fire. Keep your awareness open if you sense more conflict coming your way in the coming weeks and try to take extra time out to meditate, take a bath, read, or do what ever you have to to keep yourself from getting too frustrated.

As for this week, protect yourself, not just emotionally, but in every way and do not make big decisions quickly, take time to sit on it at least for twenty-four hours. Emotions are really good at making decisions for us at times and this is NOT that time.

I also feel like there is a lot of energy around paranoia, or feeling like someone is not being truthful. The best thing to do is to discuss this with the person, but again don't do it over emotions, take time to think about the situation before diving in because you can't take anything back.

There is a lot of scattered energy this week so just ride it out the best you can and trust your gut instinct, don't give anyone extra energy because you will need all of it.

Good luck!