Progress Comes with Patience

Yes. for the first time ever, there is a new deck! This is the Tattoo Tarot by Eight Coins and I am obsessed with this deck, especially being the first one that I purchased myself. 

This week may come with finally seeing results of hard work being put in, weather these are new projects at home or in your work setting, there is movement happening. Last week we talked about being still and not making any sudden decisions, this week will be a result of that.

It can be hard not to get burnt out when we are not seeing the results we would like fast enough, but everything is a process and is meant to happen at the right time. Sit down and reflect on why you began this journey in the first place, why did you take the actions that you did to get you where you are now? Newly discover the passion behind the project and the happiness it would bring to see the project to completion. 

What ever energy you are putting out this week you will see in return so don't lose hope and keep working hard for whatever star you are trying to reach because it is soon to be right by your side.