Enjoy the Journey

This week you have a choice to make, You can either let anger and frustration build up and lash out at those around you, or you can choose to do something with that energy. You are in control of your own actions and sometimes we can't help what those around up are doing and that's okay, be okay with the fact that you are strong and capable of so much more. 

Seeing the strength card with the Queen of swords is so empowering only because each one of us is a total bad-ass in our own way, we each have hidden talents and ways we can truly make a difference in the world around us. 

Take the time to make that decision, to tap into your creative mind and to work with it in some way, writing, crafting, spending time in nature now that it's nicer out. The Six of cups asks up to also tap into our child like side, enjoying the curiosity of new things coming our way, so when changes start to happen know that you are a bad-ass that can handle anything thrown at you and to enjoy this new curiosity. 

We don't always have control of how things work out even if we think we have a game plan, but don't stress, it's all about the journey and it's important to keep that in mind.