Be Open

Wow!! it has been a minute since I've talked to you guys and I'm sorry for that, but here we are and with good news I hope!! 

I feel like this coming week will be about balancing what we are doing in our lives, we can't give everything our attention and when we take on too much, things tend to get done only half as good as they should. Know when to say no or to ask for an extension, don't stress yourself out trying to make everyone happy or juggle too much because it never works the way we hoped.

This may come up with financial opportunities or in your job especially, we need to focus on the bigger picture and where we see ourselves a few years from now. Which direction will benefit us in the long run? If it comes time to have to make a decision, don't dwell on it for long, usually your first instinct is the one to go with. 

If you are in a job right now that demands  lot of you, know how to sit and balance it or talk to the people you work with so you can get a little relief. 


This is also a big deal, you have to let people know how you feel or if you are struggling, be open about the things going on so that you or the people aren't blind sided. Most importantly though... have a great week!