Speak Up!

I have been slacking in the "New year" grove let me tell ya. With my son out of school for two weeks, it's been hard to get into a routine, so I will be glad when he is back tomorrow. Uranus comes out of retrograde in Taurus today, so technically I feel like I am on time with new beginnings. During retrograde, we tend to process any changes going around us in a more personal manner, letting our feelings and emotions dictate our actions toward the changes. Getting out of retrograde hopefully gives us a clearer head and we have better reactions to these changes by putting more action into them instead of pouting about them.

This week will be the week to really test your words, if there is something happening that you don't like, but you are better off bottling up than speaking about it, now is the time to change that. Don't let yourself just continue your everyday activity knowing that things are bothering you because it will just continue to make you irritable and lash out rather than just calmly explaining your feelings at first.

This week should focus on balancing your your agenda and finances and really sitting down and grounding yourself, now that the holiday craziness is over you need to get down to business. Push yourself... push yourself to communicate and to get out of your comfort zone because with out getting out of this zone or confronting people you need to confront, it will be hard to get a vision on where you see your future with people or certain projects you're working with.

Don't drag things out!