A Shift is Coming

I don't know about you, but January sure came in with a bang. There are lots going on, fun and emotionally draining, but this week seems to be hitting in different ways for many of us. 

The first thing that comes up is, "Don't beat yourself up." There are going to be a lot of changes for some of us, these could be negative or positive, but either way they have a large impact. These are changes that most of us know need to happen, but have been reluctant to make them happen. The Tower plus seeing "two's" means that these changes are already happening.... and fast.

They could have an impact on you emotionally and this is where you have to remember that you are only human, and you have to take the time to be gentle on yourself. This could be why it was so hard for you to make the transition. 

You'll find though that once you stop fighting what you know is coming, you will feel so much better. It's hard to feel like we might be letting others down, but you can't constantly just make moves to please everyone else because you're scared of the back lash. If you find that things are draining you, stop doing them, don't push yourself to continue.