Transformations Are Happening!

It's officially the first week of December, a fresh month and a fresh outlook. December brings a sense of urgency and rush as we get things done for the upcoming holidays that most of us celebrate, but we still have a little time. Take this week to enjoy the little moments around you with those you love and even alone before the chaos. If you don't take this time out for yourself before then, you could come out more frantic than you intended causing irritability and conversations that could have been prevented.

This week is going to be very trans-formative for many of us, either we are going through a job loss or transferring to something new that might not have been intended, this is the time to just roll with it. Keep finances tight right now as you go through these new changes, but keep in mind your inner thoughts and emotions too. This is where spending that quality alone time comes in so that you can reflect and process these new changes. 

No matter what the changes are that you are going through, don't be too hard on yourself for making the decisions, sometimes we have to go with our gut instinct even if that instinct impacts someone else. Start looking at what will make YOU happy and what YOU envision for yourself, don't work your magic for those around you with out spreading some for yourself first. This is not selfish, but an act of self love. 

Enjoy these transformations, even the difficult ones, for these are the first steps to fulfilling what is true in your heart.