Make Your Future Happen

The truth is, we can't always wait for someone to come and save us when times get tough. Yes, this is probably a rough way to start this, but it's important to know when it is time to face your own actions or time for you to step up to someone else that might be using you as their "Prince charming". 

When we let someone continuously leach onto us for protection, money, or anything really, this has a hold on our spirit. You lose a part of yourself when you give so much to someone else without making yourself a priority, yes don't get me wrong we should always try to help someone in need especially when it comes to family, but know the difference between someone needing genuine help and someone taking advantage of you.

If you are in a creative field, don't get hung up on blocks that might come in this week, but instead look for new opportunities and to consider things that you might have not in the past when it comes to finances and creating things. 

This week will be about changing perspectives, and just when we think things might be tough, or we feel like we are not succeeding at the pace we want to be. Know that these things come with time, but when we look at our situations differently we will ultimately come up with something that will help our long term goals. Don't turn anything down, but instead look at it in a different context and try to imagine what good can come out of it.

It can be hard not to get wrapped up in the "Oh whoa as me" feeling as we struggle with our purpose in life or our direction, but that's why it's important to look at things differently and to know that you are working on your future, it takes time for great things to happen, you just have to dive into these ideas to make them happen.

So, go out and make your future happen.