Let Yourself Grow

This week we are not only moving into a new month, but into a new year! So many of us set resolutions for things that we want to change or bring into our lives, and although having goals is great, I think we should set these aside for now. 

It's very fitting that the first card that I pull for this reading ends up being the death card (no this does not mean some one is dying calm down), its a very trans formative card. Most of us are going through changes and really rediscovering who we want to be all over again. We are getting rid of those things that do not serve us any longer and discovering something new about ourselves.

This is why I say set aside the resolutions, if you have been with me for a while you know that last year we did vision boards together on Facebook. These were great and I loved seeing everyone's different views on what they saw for themselves in the coming year. This year though, I challenge you to grow.

I have been reading bits and pieces of John Maxwells book "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth." This book has been very eye opening and I encourage those who are going through transformations to maybe look into it. Maxwell explains in the book that growth is not just "Moving up in your job." or "Buying that house you had your eyes on." Growth becomes what we are as a person, it's the relationships that we make, it's  how we push ourselves to not doubt our own abilities. 

So, instead of creating a new years resolution, create a plan on all the ways you can expand your knowledge and work on personal growth. There are many things to celebrate this week, including the new year, as well as our friendships and those that are close to us, trust that even if you are going through change right now, that it's needed and eventually you will find your way back on course.

Learn to let yourself grow.