Week of November 4th

Week of November 4th 

Wow, we are officially into November, and I already feel like it's going to go by so fast, with holiday's coming up I feel like I could blink and it will be January 1st. So, what should we expect for this week? 

 Don't make any sudden moves when it comes to finances, or things that could impact your finances like a job or new hobby. You want to look at the whole picture before determining your fate, and really sit on the idea before you jump in. Ask, "Will this benefit me in the long run?" "Will I truly be happy with this in my life?" See how you feel when you ask yourself questions about the situation. 

Although it is good to analyze your situation, whether it's financial or in a relationship, don't stew on it for too long or you may miss out on the chance. Weigh out your pro's and con's, but make the decision that you think is best for you as soon as you can. If you wait too long the other party might not think you are as interested as you lead on and will eventually move on. 

I feel like this week, most of us will finally master some of our emotions and anxiety, things might be coming together, or you could even be utilizing some of your stronger organization skills to help relieve the stress you have been under. It's also a good time to be "The bigger person" if at any moment you are being tested by someone, lashing out will not help and it would be better if you kept your calm. 

Knock your anxieties out of your head so you can think clearly this week, you will need to in order to get a better vision of your future. If things are not working between you and another party, find a way to respectfully decline what they are offering and walk away. Most importantly though, don't get your head wrapped up in these decisions you do decide to make because that will only make things worse and there is no need for that. You are looking out for yourself and that is all you need to do at this time so that you can keep your mind clear and your hope full.