Week of November 18th

 Here it is, the week where everyone is supposed to show how thankful they are for anything and everything, but have you tried thanking yourself? Yes, this seems selfish, but we can get so wrapped up in our every day lives taking care of everyone else, that we forget to take a moment and go, "Hell yea I got this thanks self" (Claps own hands).

The Magician paired with the star this week open up so many possibilities to get a better understanding of your power and magic, what do you bring to the table? Most of us are at a constant run around with our families, work, and every day activities, that we can be weighed down by it all. 

Thoughts come to ourselves, "Does anyone even care that I am doing all this?" "Why do I even bother." Etc, it can be hard to not to get sucked into not getting acknowledged for it all. I'm not gonna lie, a lot of us have control issues, myself included and I have seen that a lot this week in my readings, we all seem to get so tense this time of year. YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL, let me repeat that...


Stop getting stressed out at the things that don't go exactly to plan and start enjoying the time you have with those around you instead of missing out because you are consumed in the need to make sure the plate setting is lined up correctly.

Ask for help, if someone offers to help you with dishes this thanksgiving, let them. If someone wants to bring some horrible side dish, let them. This is not what this time of year is about and instead should be focusing on thanking ourselves and appreciate the relationships we do have.

Life just does not work out the way we want it to some times and that's okay, because there is just something so much more magical waiting for you that you might not have thought of yet. Sit back and enjoy this week as much as possible and not only feel the blessings around you, but help spread the magic around you.