Week of 11:11

Today marks November 11th, and if you pay attention you also know that this date is 11:11. So not only should you make it a magical day, but you should also make it a magical week! 

This week has my heart feeling so full for all of those I come across because I feel more and more souls are coming to terms with their true selves and that is something we should all be celebrating. It's a long an ugly path to get here sometimes and doesn't always come easy to some to try and figure out what it is we want in life. 

Being able to truly be ourselves brings on the freedom that we were once looking for, and once we get a taste of that freedom, it's hard to want to go back. No longer should you mold yourself to others perspectives and needs, no longer should you go out of your way to make others happy while giving up on your own dreams.

This week will be full of strong emotions as we push forward in our journeys on creativity, this also means that a lot of us will finally come to terms in our perspectives of our relationships as well, and this will promote the most love in not only our connections, but within ourselves as well. Take a moment to sit and observe all the things that have happened to finally get you to this point and think of the gratitude it has bestowed on you. 

Now is the time where wishes come true.

Now is also the time to check in with yourself to make sure you are on the path you are seeking and that you are also working towards these wishes (the Universe is big, but can't do it all). You can wish and wish and wish all you want for a certain person to come into your life, or for that promotion at word, or for a new career path, but are you also trying to do what it is that will help draw these things to you? You can't just sit and take with out giving anything back in return, that's how this works.

There is so much you deserve and so much out there for you, don't limit yourself, in fact, you are your only limit. 

So, make a wish..... because it's about to get real.