Transitioning into November

November is already here ladies and gentlemen... already. Leaving October, we leave our unknowns, changes, and confusion for the death, rebirth, and shedding that comes from November. Meaning if there was one thing you would leave in October, what would it be? 

Lets review October and move into November, looking at the energy that we are leaving this past month was all over the place. Many of us have strong feelings about our own situations, but don't know how to address them and end up forgetting our true wants and needs while getting lost in the frustration. What kind of life do you picture for your future? It can be tough to come to a realization for the answers we come up with for this question, but they are needed if we truly want to grow. 

Release your vision, stop holding yourself back especially when you already have an idea of where things are going. Some of us just can't get to that first step into moving into or away from a relationship, asking for that raise, or moving forward personally in any way. At the same time, there are those of us that are trying to work on our personal growth, but are having issues asking for help when it's needed. Release the need to have to handle everything, if you need to take a break from something and walk away than do it. The King of Rods is in this position and like a King, everyone goes to him for everything because they know that they can depend on him, but who can the king depend on?

Reevaluate your direction, Making quick decisions before thinking them through might not work out to your benefit and could even be causing your set-backs. I mentioned in a weekly reading in October that it seems like we are just all in a fog moving through everyday life and not actually living. We need to start living with more intention, listen to our heart and move with it instead of against it. Sit and do a self evaluation, I said this a lot this month and I'll say it again, understanding our needs, where we are currently, and where we want to go, will help carve the path to being true to ourselves. 

Most of us are neglecting to being kind to ourselves, whether that is in the self care department, or mentally, be kind to yourself. Once we are in a rut, it can be hard to get out of, but you need to spread your talent and love with the world and understand that you're not in it alone. 

What we can look forward to this new month of death and rebirth is clarity. Clarity to regaining our truths and finding our voices again. No longer should you put someone else's happiness over your own, don't put your passions aside because you have to do things for everyone else, don't lose yourself in past situations and regrets, scream your truth and run towards it.  

The thing that will help you heal will be up to you, but taking control of the situation and putting your foot down might be a great start. Don't give up on yourself and the life that you see for yourself, get back into the community, get rid of emotional and relationship baggage. Declutter your room, your house..... your life! SHED.

Happy November.