November New Moon

(Photo by Arnie Chou from Pexels)

So, I dab a little into Astrology sometimes, but mostly I look at the moon cycles, these cycles are what do the most for me in my life and I like to pay attention. The new moon is my go to for anything because most of the time the full moon leaves me drained and no longer motivated, (my monthly visitor usually shows up to.. if you know what I mean. *insert eye roll*) 

The new moon signals a new beginning, where death and transformaton take place to then start something new. The new moon rises in my area (Eastern Time)at 11:01 am November 7th, 2018, and I. Am. Ready.

This new moon will be rising in Scorpio which means we are going to be facing all kinds of deep emotions, these don't have to be bad emotions so don't panic! But emotions for our work life, our home life, and just life life, finding a balance with everything will be key.

What is it that you would like to draw into your life? What gives you the most meaning and heart felt "Hell Yes!"? Set intentions for this next cycle to focus on that energy so that you can draw yourself towards it, never think that you are not worthy of what it is you are searching for, but instead demand it because it's yours for the taking.... (Just make sure to say thank you so the universe doesn't think you're totally rude)

Give thanks to your ancestors and those around you that help you through this transition, I mean we are in the month of thanks.... and giving... HA! See what I did there? Either way, even if you are content right now, make sure you take this time to appreciate that, because that's a good place to be. Give thanks for the life lessons you had to learn in the last month and use this new moon to start fresh towards your new goal.

Here's something you can do.... ready?

Get a note pad, pencil, candle, and sit your butt down. Light the candle and clear your mind, the candle can be what ever color or design that draws you in the most, it is meant to help you relax. Think of how your last month ended and what you see for yourself on this new moon, it can be goals for your relationship, career, house, or all of it, and write it down. Putting the thoughts and movements towards these goals will only enhance them more and draw them to you! 

Good luck and have a wonderful fresh beginning!