Week of October 14th

Week of October 14th 

The word that I kept hearing in this reading was, "balance". Some of us have maybe been indulging in areas of our life, like spending more money, drinking, over-eating, and even arguing. This week will be full of "oh crap I probably shouldn't have done that."

We will be seeing the affects of our over indulgences and it may be a wake up call for some of us to try and regain some of that balance we threw off. Start saving money again and stop going out to eat all the time so you can restore your bank account as well.  

Try to spend this week healing from past arguments, it's time to evaluate ourselves and what actions we have been taking towards ourselves and our loved ones. Sometimes this imbalance comes from with in, either we are so overwhelmed with everyday activities that we forget how to even breathe. 

When we take these little moments out for ourselves it brings on a new confidence that we were missing as well as restores our creativity, give yourself a time out this week to really evaluate your actions to see where you need to make improvements.  

If you are having doubt about a new project or relationship think to yourself, where do I see myself with this five years from now? Does this project or person really serve my greatest good? Am I passionate enough to dedicate all of my energy to this? Ask yourself these questions and really pay attention to how you react to them because that right there will be your answer, your gut and head are telling you different things, but your gut doesn't steer you wrong, because deep down, you already know the answers because your insides are yelling them to you, so stop ignoring them. 

Do some self discovery this week and evaluate where things are right now in your life so you can determine if you want to continue putting your energy where you have invested it or if you need to release certain things in your life to regain some of that energy back. Not everything needs your attention and it's important to remember that.