Last week of October!

Last week in October

These are the last days of October 2018, and we need to make them count! Now is the time to leave anything behind that does not serve you and go into the new month with intentions for success. A new month means a new budget, new work month, and a fresh start on our perspectives in our relationships, so lets get to it. 

As we come to a closing in October we come to better understandings of the people around us and our relationships, either you have decided to move on and you have become okay with that decision, or you and someone you have had a conflict with have finally calmed down and have seen a way to work things out. 

Career wise, some of us could be hurting financially and are having to come to a decision on what we need to accomplish to make it through the week when it comes to finances and creative outlets. It may be time to change your relationship with money and spend this week creating a new budget for yourself for November, especially with holiday's coming up. 

It's easy to be in denial about our relationships and our finances, so it's time to get real and stop avoiding the fact that you need to buckle down. With your relationships finally starting to get some balance, balancing your finances will only help increase your sigh of relief for the new month to come.