Yo! Where Have You Been Girl?

So, you're probably getting this and thinking, "OMG, you are alive!" Yea, I haven't posted anything in a while and even removed my social media.... well, some of it. 

It's hard to say what happened honestly, my mind was all over the place and I burnt myself out eventually. Sometimes you really need a break from something to get the bigger picture. I was so excited to start this new adventure, that I started to hard too fast. 

I'm not someone that can be online all the time, I don't even watch TV. Starting out I was all online, all the time to get to know everyone and help with readings, I even had a store and did events! 

This was the last summer I was going to have before Hunter (my son) was going to officially start school for the first time and I tried to enjoy it. I too also started school back up again and finally have found my grove a little bit with everything. So here I am providing readings, starting events back up in October, expanding my newsletter a bit, and really just focusing on how I can really make a impact on someones version of themselves and their life. 

That's what I love about Tarot, that someone comes to me seeking help or direction (and although I can never tell you 100%), it always makes an impact to hear healing words of encouragement.

I have several readings available and focus on everything from love/relationship, to career, or even just a general forecast. Check out the "Readings" tab in the Menu for more info!

Thank you for always supporting me!