October 2018

Welcome October 

I haven't done a post in quite some time, and this is a new platform for me, but I'm looking to make these more public. You can still sign up on the main page to get these updates right to your inbox and I highly suggest it because the emails will provide updates, coupons, and anything I post on here, and you don't want to miss that.

October 1st is Monday, new week, new month. We are so close to the end of the year already time is ticking, think back to your resolution or thought you gave yourself for the first of the year and where you are now. What changed? Did you do what you set out to do? 

Well today I am going to go into a small reading for what I think this new month could bring. I asked the famous questions I do, What to be aware of? What to remember? and What to let go of.

Be aware of your new creative energies, there will be lots of energy around wanting to jazz things up a little in your life and wanting to try a new path. If you have been stuck in a little rut for a while, you may want to take this time to sit and just let your creative thoughts flow. 

Remember that sometimes it takes a team, we can't all face lifes challenges on our own and think we will make it out completely untouched. Try not to push someone or something away right off the bat, but instead maybe give it a shot to see where it could go. Constantly staying shut down closes the doors on us for so many things, it's time to start embracing what we thought would just never work , doing this could really help financially.

Let go of your anxieties and trust in yourself and your surroundings. It might seem like everything is falling apart (or not), but it's time to really take a deep breathe and trust that the Universe has your back. These fears are also what prevent us from moving forward and really tapping into our true potential, shake them off (easier said than done I know), But try.

Take baths to help cleanse yourself, take a walk in the woods to do some grounding, eat a cupcake, whatever you have to do to give yourself that "me time" and clarity to trust in yourself again, do it.