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Well, here we are with a very delayed newsletter. I hope everyone's holiday and New Year's was safe and happy and I look forward to getting back into the groove. Just like how I tell my clients to take breaks, I finally decided to take some of my own advice and step back myself this holiday, and as much as I know some of you missed these letters, I appreciate your support in me taking a little break!
Now, lets get to what the reminders are for this week. Keep things simple... That's it... See you next week!
No, but seriously, keep things to a bare minimum, I see houses as well, so if some of you are preparing a remodel or move remember that even though you may have a lengthily list of everything you want done, know that you may have to give a little if you want things done by a certain time. This doesn't mean you can't add these details later, but waiting too long will leave you in an even worse predicament. 
The magician is always a good card because it represent…

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